LilyLand of Minnesota
Welcome to the Colorful World of Martagons

LilyLand Minnesota was founded in 2015 with the acquisition of prime martagon lily bulb stock from a northern Minnesota grower. Co-owners Bill Bauer and Forrest Peiper moved the stock to a location near Shakopee, Minnesota, and are increasing the number of varieties available through purchases and propagation.

From Bill and Forrest:

We grow our bulbs in soil high in organic matter and sand, and in raised beds. When bulbs are dug in the fall, they are amazingly large and with healthy roots that will provide a good start to growth in their new home, whether that is in a pot for next spring's sale, in the ground for future sales, or in a customer's garden. We believe you will be pleased with the size of these bulbs!

Bill and Forrest are experienced lily growers and have a passion for hybridizing lilium and raising species lilies. Both Bill and Forrest are dedicated members of the North Star Lily Society (NSLS) and are also accredited North American Lily Society lily horticultural judges.

The LilyLand Minnesota website is intended to be a resource for our customers (garden centers and nurseries) and also for martagon growers of all kinds. The "Culture" page provides tips for growing martagons and links to related articles. The "Catalog" page is a list of martagon varieties and species that we have available now or intend to in the near future. Use the "Contact Us" page to request a current pricelist, or ask questions of any kind.